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2024 Internship Application Form

We value your decision to explore small-scale farming and herbal medicine and are looking forward to your participation with us.

In return for 25 hours of field work per week we can offer you a private room with full board; no fees and no wages; work trade for accommodation and meals.   Learning opportunities are provided, informal tutorials and guided study.

Agreements & House Rules

  • We are a non-smoking site – this includes cannabis and use of e-cigarettes.

  • We do not eat meat and do not serve meat. Our diet is high in veggies, legumes and fruit, and low in dairy and grain.  We do eat nuts and wheat as well as eggs, dairy and occasionally fish. 

  • Please note that we cannot necessarily accommodate other restricted or specialized diet needs.

Visitors & Pets

  • Overnight visitors are not allowed unless expressed permission is given by the property owners ahead of time. Day visitors are welcome on your days off only.

  • Sorry, but we cannot accomodate any furry loved ones at this time

Responsibilities of Interns

  • Interns are expected to complete 25 hours of work a week in exchange for full room and board. During your stay you may be asked to do a variety of tasks that may include greenhouse work, field and office work, animal husbandry, nursery crops, etc. Expect the work to be physically and mentally demanding and the conditions to vary. While you will not be pushed beyond your physical ability, we expect that you enter this experience in good overall health. 

  • Once accepted as an intern we ask you to pay a $100 deposit which will be returned to you on your departure. To provide a quality experience, we limit the number of interns we accept each year. In return, we ask you to do your very best to complete your entire internship. If you decide to leave early for any reason, this deposit may be retained.