Douglas Senft had numerous public commissions in Canada, the United States and Europe, as well as exhibiting his work in both public and private galleries.


The exhibit is bordered by a grove of young fir trees, a peaceful and meditative setting.  


"Coyotes in a dry prairie" is an exhibit of the art of Douglas Senft, a renowned teacher of metal sculptures who lived among us in Courtenay.  Other pieces also expressive in their monumental shapes are part of the Douglas Senft exhibit behind the hill at Innisfree



Anyone who has spent time in Vancouver or Victoria has come in contact with his large sculptures and installations.  He also has numerous works up and down the West Coast, Alberta, and as far as Barcelona in Spain.  He was the recipient of several Canada Council grants, and his work is in private and public collections including:  The City of Vancouver Municipal Collection, The Art Bank of Canada and Washington State Arts Public Place Collection.