Join a Community-Supported, Locally Grown Healthcare Movement!

 Your CSH (Community Supported Herbalism) Share gives you:

·      4 monthly boxes of herbal products especially formulated to keep you and your family healthy through the seasons. Each box includes a variety of hand-made medicinal products and herbs organically grown on our farm.

·      The products are formulated to enhance vitality and address a variety of common conditions such as colds, flu, digestion, sleep, stress, and minor skin problems. These support good health and a healthy planet.

·      More value for less money

Subscribers are encouraged and welcome to visit the farm to see where their medicine is coming from, and to lend a hand if desired.

What is CSH?

Community Supported Herbalism is a new concept built upon the community supported agriculture (CSA) model. The CSA model directly connects people to their farmers, shares the risks and shares the bounty; the CSH connects people more directly with their herbal remedies and the people who grow and make them.

Purchase of seasonal shares gives you a Monthly Herbal Medicines box. Every month you get a selection of natural remedies, hand made from all naturalingredients, many grown on our farm or harvested in the woods around the property. Also included is detailed information on how to use the products we send.


·       Provides the freshest, most potent, hand-made plant medicine and products for your personal use (products are made seasonally, and fresh- nothing sitting on a shelf for months on end!)
·       Exposure to new herbs and ways of using them in a fun, seasonally based model; showcasing a wide variety of medicines and product types for all needs - including tinctures, medicinal tea blends, infused healing oils, salves, luscious body care and more!
·       Know your farmer, know your medicine: it all happens right here at Innisfree Farm. Support the herb farmer and local, small scale herb growing.
·       Instruction regarding the use of herbs to support seasonal health from medical herbalist Chanchal Cabrera.
·       Delivery to your home each month through the mail or pick up at the farm.

Your CSH share includes four abundant boxes which consist of least at five herbal products in each. Examples of what might go in your box include herbal balms, lotions, salves, herbal bug-spray, fresh and dry herbs for cooking or tea, herbal vinegars, elixirs, tinctures, and more! Don't know what some of those things are? Don’t worry, you'll learn!  Each box you'll receive a detailed newsletter that includes in-depth information on the herbs and preparations that are in your box, and ideas how to use them. While boxes are designed around using herbs grown on Innisfree Farm, we do source some herbs and other ingredients from ethical sources off the farm.

 What is in Your Products?

High Quality, Unsprayed and Wild Crafted Herbs
Our products are prepared with fresh plants from our farm, grown with organic methods without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizer, or respectfully wild harvested. Should a plant not be locally available, we purchase the herb from another organic source of the highest quality. 

Oils and Butters
We choose only pure, high quality oils and butters for our healing balms, salves, and creams, and massage oils.

Steam Distilled, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
All essential oils in our products are 100% pure, therapeutic grade, and steam distilled by companies known for their high quality standards and support of ecologically sustainable agriculture. Absolutely no use of hydrocarbon solvent extracted essential oils, ever. Whenever available, we use essential oils from local small scale distilling operations.

Fresh and Hand Made – everything is hand made carefully, in small batches so that freshness is guaranteed. We only use natural preservatives such as vitamin E oil, and essential oils. 

Our Seasonal CSH program is an awesome investment in your and your family's health and wellness!   

Sample CSH box contents (subject to herb availability – items may be substituted)  

4 boxes (last Friday of  June, July, August, September)     

Box 1.jpg

Disclaimer and Questions:

While our products are made of all natural and mostly organic ingredients, we are unable to take custom orders for those that have specific skin conditions or allergies.  Some products are based in alcohol such as tinctures and elixirs, we do not include remedies specifically made for children in this box.  Seasonal CSH members agree to accept the standard seasonal box we create and prepare for all members and understand that that exact contents may depend on yields and weather.  

*Please note our CSH program and box contents are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical condition. All Innisfree Farm herbal products, information, newsletters and programming are meant for educational and entertainment purposes only. We encourage you to visit your healthcare professional regarding your medical care.  CSH members assume all responsibility and risk when using their CSH products.

CSH Shares pricing

The contents of each box are worth approximately $60 at retail prices, a total retail value of $240

Special price for the CSH participants – a full $40 saving at just $200 for all 4 boxes (pick up in Royston)

CSH boxes are also available for mailing.