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This will be a deep dive into herbal medicine for students and practitioners and for all herb lovers who want to strengthen their relationship to the medicine. Students will harvest herbs and make medicines and build their own personal medicine chest. Apprentices will participate in study days as part of their program.

One herb is studied in depth each month - from the field or forest to the pharmacy.


We will see the plants growing; we will study botany, plant identification, harvesting methods, processing the crop and making medicines, including implementing quality control and good manufacturing practices in the dispensary. Each day will involve time outside as well as indoors, learning by doing and workshops / hands on as well as lectures sometimes. 

We will discuss the pharmacology and clinical applications, safety, dosing, synergies and formulating with each herb. Some of the classes will be taught in the apothecary garden where we will discuss key body systems, especially as regards the herb of the month, and look at the various plants that can be effective in each system.

Classes will run on Fridays once a month from 10 am - 1 pm and 2 pm - 5 pm

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Three lectures of 90 minutes each
Materia medica and clinical applications of herbs for the specific topics: constituents, actions and phyto-pharmacology, dosing and combining

Attend in person or watch on-line; accessible afterwards for download

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Stress and Insomnia March 20
learn about 
·     'sleep hygeine' and creating the best opportunity for sleep
·     The sleep cycle and how to nap well
·     gentler relaxing nervines and mild sedatives: lemon balm, oats, linden
·     materia medica for enhancing sleep
- slightly stronger sedatives: hops, passionflower, chamomile
- strong sedatives: valerian, jamaican dogwood, wild lettuce, california poppy
- muscle relaxants: kava, cramp bark
- strongest sedatives: corydalis, 

Immune support April 17
learn about 
·     innate and acquired immunity
·     promoting primary defences – fever treatments, mucolytics, expectorants, 
·     materia medica for enhanced immune resilience and fighting infection
- immune stimulants : echinacea, 
- anti-microbials : garlic, taheebo, usnea, berberis
- lymphatics
·     how to make wei qi (immune protection) soup

Detox May 15
learn about
·     Toxins, the liver and the 21st century
·     How the liver works in health and sickness
·     How toxins in the blood contribute to ill health
·     Sauna, exercise, dry skin brushing as detox aides
·     Fasting and tissue detoxification 
·     Green juices and recipes for cleansing foods
·      Supplements and herbs to assist liver process and release toxins 

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