SUMMER HERB CAMP with David Winston and Chanchal Cabrera 



SUMMER HERB CAMP with David Winston and Chanchal Cabrera 


August 9 / 10 / 11 / 12   30 hours  $600 + GST  9.30 am - 1 pm and 2 - 6 pm

Case history reviews, clinical discussions, herb walks, ceremony

Limited to the first 30 people to apply


Course overview

Mornings: case reviews. Students in break out groups, presenting cases and discussing, group review
Afternoons :  herbal activities - Goethean study, Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing), Herb walk, lecture with Thierry

 This course is intended to be a ‘meeting of minds’ where peers and colleagues support each other’s collective learning and collaborative practitioner development. Facilitated and supported by 2 of North America’s most experienced herbal clinicians, this retreat is designed for senior students and practitioners, people already actually seeing patients or about to start practice, and wanting to have a refresher and review of best practice. It is also intended to provide some ‘retreat’ time for participants, an opportunity for self care and reflective practice so the afternoons will be more experiential and active

Who is this program for?
This is an advanced level clinical practicum to discuss patient care and therapeutic strategies. It is designed for students with prior study of herbal medicine and will be focused on case reviews and group process for prescribing and formulating.

Course Objectives
To deepen practitioners understanding, logic and reasoning in botanical protocol development
To provide resources and tools for ensuring safety and correct dosing of herbal remedies
To support and build confidence in newer herbal prescribers
To build and nurture community with fellow herbalists and plant people
To provide an opportunity for rest, self care and reflective practice (retreat time)



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13 Friday classes (2 – 8 pm) covering phyto-chemistry and phyto-pharmacology, safety and prescribing practices, dispensary guidelines, quality control       65 hours     $1300 + GST 

Recommended  for entering student clinic practicum



Who is this program for?

The Advanced Materia Medica and Botanical Prescribing series is designed for people who have previously studied herbs and herbal medicine on their own for at least 3 years, or have completed foundation courses, and are ready to dive deeply into the phyto-chemistry and phyto-pharmacology of plants. 

This series of 13 monthly intensives will build a solid framework for understanding how plants exert their therapeutic effects and how to use them safely and effectively. Intended to create a foundation or template for learning how to formulate and prescribe plant medicines to meet specific clinical needs.

This phyto-chemical foundation is a key component of the Botanical Medicine Clinical Training and all students intending to pursue the Clinical Training series are recommended to take these preliminary classes. This series will provide a language and logic to prescribing and dispensing, focusing on safety, dosing, actions, clinical and therapeutic applications.

Course Overview

March 23        Introduction and Review of Phyto-Pharmacology
April 27          Safety and Toxicology
May 18           Botany and Plant ID
June 15           Quality Control and Good Dispensary Procedures
July 13            Formulating and Prescribing
September 21  Polysaccharides and Mucilage
October 19     Tannins and Flavonoids
November 23  Salicylates, Coumarins, Lignans, Anthraquinone
March 22        Volatile Oils (mono and sesquiterpenes)
April 19           Diterpenes, Triterpenes and Saponins
May 17            Alkaloids part 1
June 14            Alkaloids part 2
July 12             Cardio-active glycosides