Biofilia is a classroom conversation and lecture series on the living world.   In a few hours we look at ourselves and our fellow travellers at the molecular level first, then the cellular level, before we start talking about bacteria, the original cells that ruled the earth for 3 billion years before they created other cells soon turned into plants and fungi and later animals.  And not only are bacteria our ancestors, they are most of all our symbionts.  They are everywhere and they live within us.  Each and every cell that relies on oxygen to release the energy from chemical bonds, ie respiration, harbors hundreds of bacteria we call mitochondria.  

Plant cells also breathe of course, but they have additional bacteria in the form of chloroplasts, the green organelles that capture the energy from the sun and make chemical bonds in the form of sugar.  Everything green around you is the color of bacteria. And then there is the microbiome.  This new superorgan in our colon populated by a hundred trillion bacteria that more or less have control of most of our internal organs including immune and digestive system and the brain.

 And eventually we talk about plants and animals.  Are they really that smart ?  And about our symbiotic planet. You will find what life is really all about, and who your biological parents and your extended family are.  

Thierry Vrain