There are many excellent foundation programs in herbal medicine to be found, online and in classes. Learning how to take care of your own health, and that of friends and family has never been more popular or more important.  There are also some excellent schools of herbal medicine offering professional clinical trainings.

What has long been lacking is an independent clinic where serious students can learn by experience, can run a herbal medicine clinic and manage patient care under supervision, without needing to be enrolled in a lengthy and costly comprehensive program. Individuals who have previous studies in herbs and healing but are not formally enrolled in a school or college program still need a clinic to gain experience of patient management and running a practice.

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Course overview

This monthly on-going program is the final step for clinical herbal training. It is intended to inculcate a substantial level of professionalism and competence in clinical practice.


Students who have completed the Clinic Prep course are invited to attend and receive coaching and mentoring on real cases. Patients will attend the clinic and students may bring cases for discussion as well.  These hours of clinical practicum can be counted towards professional designation in the herbal associations.

Who is this program for?


People who intend to make a career from herbal medicine, from seeing patients and from helping people to better health with herbs. People who are prepared to work hard, to learn a lot and to take on this great responsibility of clinical practice. People who are already health care professionals but want to add botanicals to your protocols (recommended to take the Advanced Materia Medica series as well) 

Now entering it’s third year, the monthly free clinic at Innisfree is staffed by senior students working under supervision of an experienced herbal clinician. 

Students first observe then progress to directly interact with real patients to conduct health intakes, interpret medical and clinical findings, make wellness assessments and develop appropriate herbal formulas to address imbalances.  Specific clinical skills will be taught, assessed and tracked as the student builds a portfolio of their training and experience. There will be opportunities for rotations in the dispensary. 

Student Clinic runs on Saturdays once a month from 9.30 am - 1 pm  and 2 pm - 5.30 pm   

23 March, 20 April, 18 May, 16 June,   Plus 4 dates TBA in Sept – Dec.   (4 months on / 2 months off starting March 2019)

fee is $75 per day plus GST.