4 levels of training and education in 2017

Herbal Medicine apprenticeship 
with Chanchal Cabrera
4 or 8 week intensives in growing, harvesting, processing and using herbs, 30 + hours of classroom time / month, plus library.
25 hours / week of field work in exchange for board and lodging.
With room for just 3 people in spring and fall sessions, and 5 people in the summer season, this is an unequalled opportunity to live on a herb farm, to work and learn alongside a herbal master, to immerse yourself in herbal medicine and a learning environment.  $700 or $1400 per 4 / 8 week session

Foundations in Herbal Medicine series  
with Chanchal Cabrera
8 weekends of 15 hours each, 120 hours total.
Follows the seasons and follows the core body systems: immune, lungs, digestion, kidneys, nerves, muscles & bones, reproductive, skin, cardiac and hormones.
Each weekend will give a detailed review of how the body works, what can go wrong and how to use herbs and natural medicine for safe and effective healing.  With herb walks, hands on medicine making, lecture and discussion, students will explore the wide world of herbs and learn remedies for friends and family.
$2000 - $1650 plus GST if you register and pay for 8 classes by March 1st

Clinical preparation - intermediate level
A series of four 5 day retreats.  25 hours per session, 100 hours total for the series.
Anatomy, physiology, pathology, assessment and treatments for different body systems
Comprehensive review of all body systems and logical approaches to treatment planning.
Including hands on and clinical assessment skills, practical evaluation tools and tests, logical treatment strategies and case management approaches.
This class is a pre-requisite for entering the student training clinic. Exemptions to this may be granted on a case by case basis.
$500 plus GST /  5 day retreat or $1600 plus GST if you register and pay for all 4 classes by March 20th

Student clinic - advanced level
$160 / weekend
10 weekends, 120 hours total
Patient care, interview skills, wellness assessments, prescribing & formulating, dispensary practicum
Real patients in a community clinic. Supervised by qualified practitioners (herbalists, naturopaths).

Pre-requisite of Intermediate Level Clinical Preparation Series or equivalent.
$160 / weekend plus GST  or $1350 plus GST (saving of $250) if you register and pay for all 10 classes by Feb 28th

Applicants for the student training clinic must document

1.     Evidence of prior learning in:

  • Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology
  • Health and wellness assessment – energetic / constitutional and biometric clinical tools
  • Materia medica and herbal therapeutics
  • Nutrition and Diet therapy

2.     Summary or transcript of educational completion

3.     Two professional references (teacher, supervisor, boss, pastor, etc...)


To register for any program, please complete the Registration Form at the Learning Garden page


Accommodation available at Innisfree and nearby Courtenay or Cumberland