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Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing)

Learn how to manage anxiety, depression, stress and high blood pressure with this nature immersion practice.

Slow and contemplative walking, ‘being’ in Nature, not ‘doing’, bathing in volatile chemicals emitted by trees, breathing deeply to absorb the medicine from the air, this is a sensory experience of receiving healing from Nature. Without needing to question where you are going or when you will get there, you will be able to allow the mind to drop to a quiet place, to imbibe the aromatic molecules in the air, and receive healing from the forest. Understand the science, experience the healing. 

What is Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing)?

Shinrin yoku comes from Japan and Korea where it is recognized as an effective treatment for many chronic conditions including dysbiosis of the gut and chronic inflammation. It is the art of walking mindfully in the forest, walking very slowly, contemplatively, and practicing being present, while experiencing the physiological benefits of being immersed in a forest—with fresh air, nature sounds, and volatile oils from evergreens.

Shinrin yoku is prescribed by doctors for hypertension, depression, anxiety and more. Forest walks are useful for all of us for stress management and cultivating inner peace.

These walks are slow and contemplative guided walks in the Trent River forest lands, practicing nature awareness and sensory opening. 

Lead by Chanchal Cabrera, who has trained in Japan to guide shinrin yoku walks, our events include a brief lecture followed by a forest walk, which will describe and explain through modern science and through experience the innate, inherent resonance and connection we feel with and in ‘Nature’. We use science and clinical research to explain a universal spiritual/mystical experience and to describe how that can be harnessed for clinical benefit in a contemporary herbal practice.

2024 dates TBA

What Participants are Saying:

“This is a whole new dimension of a walk in the forest. Very calming, soothing and body-destressing as we walked slowly in a forest near the farm and emptying our mind.

Chanchal is an amazing teacher and makes it fun by sharing tricks for an enhanced experience. I walk lots in the forest and connect with trees and earth, but this experience took me much deeper.

Now, the next day, I can still feel the impact. I highly recommend to take a walk with Chanchal.”

   – 2022 participant

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